That Needed Sweat Sesh with CitySweats

I like to sweat.

Not always did I like it. High school gym class mid-day? Nast. These days? I crave it.

Before work to jump start the day? Sweat. Post work to let out some stress? Sweat. The morning after a wild night out so you can function for the rest of the day? Sweat

Aside from the amazing feeling you have after you let your pores cry, sweat does a whole lot for that body of yours…

  • Get those toxins outta there. When your body sweats, it’s actually releasing toxins that build up over time. The not-so-good ones like salt, cholesterol and alcohol are yelling at you via bloating and hangovers to let them out.
  • Insane in the brain. To put it bluntly, sweat is like crack for the brain. When you get into exercising on the regular, you’ll notice your endorphin level will sky rocket which leads to all sorts of good feels. You’ll become more clear and your happy brain will thank you.
  • Lemme put a band-aid on dat. In need of an antibacterial ointment for a wound you’ve just acquired making your favorite meal (or from that wild night out on the town)? No need to run to your local pharmacy – just sweat it out. Antibiotic agents are actually secreted in sweat glands and work to rebuild and repair.
  • Get them sit ups right in. Kanye’s right – maybe we should work it out because well, hello, physical activity leads to massive amounts of sweat, which leads to weight loss, better health and oh wait, the ability to cool earlier and produce more sweat? That’s right – your sweat glands will enhance over time to keep up with your body’s needs.
  • Fresh face to the world. Sick of spending money on acne cleansers that don’t work? Welp, here’s an au naturel remedy for you: sweat. By opening up your pores, you’re actually releasing the gunk and goop that lies beneath the surface of that beautiful skin of yours. Get those guys out with a sweat (and a rinse) — and say goodbye to clogged pores.
  • F*ck the pain away. Sorry, I just really like that Peaches song for some reason — but seriously, when you’re moving and grooving and letting that body sweat, your brain’s mood enhances and more endorphins are released that act like natural painkillers. So feeling achy? Go run around the block!
  • The heat is… off? Hey ladies who often feel a like they have heat issues — sweating can help with this! When you’re going from warm cozy bed to freezing cold cubicle your body gets confused. Regular exercise and consistent sweat will help your glands stay in ultimate shape and ultimately regulate your temps.

So you’re convinced sweat is good by now, right?

Well what if I told you there’s a way to get your sweat on without any physical activity that allows for 7x more toxins to be released from your body than a normal sauna AND has added benefits of weight loss, relaxation, lower blood pressure, improved circulation, decreased inflammation and anti-aging?!

Welcome to CitySweats.

TGE-City-Sweats-Seattle-Benefits-of-Sweat TGE-City-Sweats-Seattle-Benefits-of-Sweat

The elevated spa that invites you with open arms and kindness to try their extremely beneficial and services to sooth your mind, body and soul…


… one that just expanded it’s locations from Madison Park to Wallingford, serving the broader Seattle community…

TGE-City-Sweats-Seattle-Benefits-of-Sweat TGE-City-Sweats-Seattle-Benefits-of-Sweat

… with the most peaceful and meditative space that makes you just want to tune out and be.

TGE-City-Sweats-Seattle-Benefits-of-Sweat TGE-City-Sweats-Seattle-Benefits-of-Sweat

I was invited by a friend who sits on the CitySweats Marketing team to try out the services at the new spa and when I got her note I was SO excited. Not only was new spa conveniently located near my house, but I had just come back from a weekend visiting Chicago and was in need of a good sweat (if you know what I mean).



My First City Sweats Experience

When I walked in I was greeted by the nicest woman hanging at the check-in barefoot who greeted me with a tonic on the house and a basket for my items. She toured me around the well kept space, showing me to my room that was enclosed by natural curtains hung by a wood frame to drop off my things. The shower area was beautiful, the alkaline H2O machine was just straight up cool and the “chill lounge” in the back with a floor covered in sand and a mood created by dim lit candles was oh so cool.

TGE-City-Sweats-Seattle-Benefits-of-Sweat TGE-City-Sweats-Seattle-Benefits-of-Sweat

I decided to try the Infrared Sauna Treatment as my first service since it’s their signature offering. Not knowing what to expect at all, I was surprised to see a color-changing glass box equipped with Netflix, Pandora and a bench for sitting or lounging.

After downing the water provided and getting down to my skivvies, I decided to embark on my 45 minute sweat sesh in my very own hot box. I wanted relax my mind, so I started off with quiet. That didn’t last very long so I decided to jump into melodies that started with The Shins, transitioned to Tame Impala and ended with Radiohead.

I was straight sweating. But damn, did it feel good. I will admit, I contemplated taking a break from my box (which is totally suggested if you need), but the Rocky inside me told me to keep going.

When the last 10 minutes hit I started dreaming of the feelings I’d get once out: clarity, mindfulness, ecstasy. You could tell it was going to be one of those states you’d want to feel soon after again.

TGE-City-Sweats-Seattle-Benefits-of-Sweat TGE-City-Sweats-Seattle-Benefits-of-Sweat

And made it! I got out of my box and immediately quenched my thirst with plenty of alkaline water. I showered off all of my toxins and came out with skin that felt radiant and a face that was beet red — in the best way. In the “chill lounge” I went to rest, enjoy another elixir paired with an orange peel and just be.

I felt relaxed. I felt pure. I felt cleansed.

And I will be back.


Seattle friends: I highly recommend paying a visit to CitySweats to experience the services they have to offer.

They have promotions for first time visitors, amazing packages that allow you to get your extra sweat on multiple times per month and it’s just one of those things you have to experience, because it’s so damn cool (and addicting).

Give it a go, and let me know how you liked it in the comments!

// cb ✌🏼


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