Stylelogue : Chunky Sweater Weather

  1. Elisa says:

    Omg so good!!! Love your writing Cort!

  2. This is SO FUN. What a way to show off everyone’s different style. Cortney, I adore how you explained your outfit planning process here and how you played with texture. it’s always impressive to see how you transition your style from look to look. Here, your white accessories are the monochromatic element that play off your sweater and it is SO GOOD. You’re making me want to go buy white shoes + bag + sunnies for winter! Can’t wait to see next month. Cheers!

    • Becca — love your comments! Thank you SO much for reaching and giving your feedback!! I’m so glad the push for white accessories has stuck hehe :). This was a big change for me — wearing rose, haha, guess who encouraged me to do it. So glad I did. Appreciate you following along and hopefully this can become a bigger effort as the months go on! xoxo

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