Early 20s vs Early 30s and The Importance of Saying Yes

  1. Melissa says:

    Cortney, this was everything!

    Thank you for sharing an honest and sincere post about life experiences. I teared up towards the end seeing as I just turned 28 and am right behind you- lol! The 20s represent such a rich, tumultous, and fun part of our lives. This is something that will resonate with everyone.
    Great job.


    • Oh Melissa you are amazing and oh so sweet! Thank you for such a positive comment — I’m so very glad this resonated with you during your transitional time. It’s suchhh a crazy ride this life, and I think just taking a minute to reflect on who we are now and where we came from is such a rewarding thing! Wishing you lots of luck and positive growth :). xo

  2. Great post, Cortney! You have such great perspective. Keep up your hustle, it’s inspiring.

  3. Dr. Kristina Schramm, DC says:

    OMG. I LOVED reading this! I’m right there with you! My mid twenties a little crazier than the early ones…but all for good reason. To be HERE. To be ME.

    You shine so bright, my friend! Happy to know you.

    • Aw Kristina you are the sweetest!! Thank you! Isn’t it a crazy thing to look back?! I feel you. My twenties def never slowed down either, haha. All so good — the women we’ve become! Happy to know you too :).

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