Your 2017 Holiday Gifting Guide


To piggy back off of my last post — Your 2017 Holiday Dressing Guide — that talks about what to wear to all of this season’s holiday festivities… I wanted to share a similar guide on what to give. Enter the 2017 Holiday Gifting Guide. Another assist to reference year over year :).


Who Are You Buying For?

Sure, sure you have names on your list of who to buy for this year — Mama Mary, Daddy Donald, Brother Brad and, Sister Stephanie — but who are they?

Is your brother a creative like mine? And is your bestie a natural hostess?

#ProTip: think about personas when you’re doing your holiday shopping — it will make the whole process much more easier and a lot more fun.

To make it easy (and since there’s only TEN days left ’til Christmas– OMG),  I’m curating ideas based on the persona you’re buying for. Let me know if I’ve missed anyone :).

For Her…

The Trendy Fashionista
The Home Obsessed Hostess
The Overly Organized Planner
The Contemporary Chica
The Luxe Lover
The Boho Hippie
The Sporty Spice
The Beauty Babe
The Digitally Wired Woman
The Travel Gal

For Him…

The Cool Creative
The Dapper Dude
The High End Handsome
The Tuned in Techie
The Hip Homie
The Well-Traveled Mate
The Masculine Mate


For Anyone…

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