When Life Throws You Lemons… Wear Floral

I had a rough day today.

Naturally as getting over the day would have it, I shopped… came home… cuddled Smalls… made dinner… poured wine… and began reminiscing to recent moments of bliss.

Remember when I gave my last confession about loving / buying / wearing white on white? Well I’ve had another obsessive relationship with a different look this summer.

Letting you in on a my el passion for floral. That just so happened to develop during our recent trip to Barcelona…

Barcelona Night(s)

TGE-Barcelona-For-Love-And-Lemons-Floral TGE-Barcelona-For-Love-And-Lemons-FloralIt was our last night in this amazing city — day three of three.

Trevor and I decided to get all fancied up to enjoy drinks on rooftops with hopes we’d end our night dancing away under the moonlight.

TGE-Barcelona-For-Love-And-Lemons-Floral TGE-Barcelona-For-Love-And-Lemons-FloralWe began at our hotel bar — atop the Ohla Barcelona — with sweeping views of the city and couples romancing in day beds along the pool.

We ordered our favorite cocktails and took in the scenery.

Note: our drinks are normally slightly dirty Ketel One martinis with three olives… but they decided we’d be better off with twists ;).



The architecture around us was beautiful. We decided to chase the sunset and catch the end of it at one of the famous hotels or landmarks nearby.

We started to roam…

TGE-Barcelona-For-Love-And-Lemons-Floral TGE-Barcelona-For-Love-And-Lemons-Floral

Just as the sky began to turn color, we spotted it — Gaudi’s Casa Batlló.

TGE-Barcelona-For-Love-And-Lemons-Floral TGE-Barcelona-For-Love-And-Lemons-Floral

We learn there’s a rooftoop concert about to start atop the building and decided to beg for tickets right as they were shutting down the entrance.

It was the best decision ever. We roamed through the hallways, up the beautiful stairwells decorated with the most gorgeous details.

We reached the roof, where a female and male duet appeared with microphones to cover hits from all the crowd’s favorites. I lost it at U2’s “With or Without You” and even more so at Lauren Hill’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”.

TGE-Barcelona-For-Love-And-Lemons-Floral TGE-Barcelona-For-Love-And-Lemons-Floral

We found the perfect spot to dance — and sing — under the moonlight. The night ended in magic.


We can’t wait to visit you again, Barcelona ❤️.

TGE-Barcelona-For-Love-And-Lemons-Floral TGE-Barcelona-For-Love-And-Lemons-Floral

Floral Feels

It’s no doubt I’m feeling all these feels tonight from this night in Spain when I was wearing one flirty, romantic little dress made of silky floral.


It’s feminine. And sweet.

Wearing it makes me you to dance under the moonlit sky.


When Life Gives You Lemons… Wear Floral

Bad days are inevitable. When they come — they really, really suck. But then when they go, things start looking up and you get a glimpse of hope.

If I can give you any advice on how to cope with these sour days, it’s to step away and think back to a time where you felt pure and utter happiness.

Linger in it. Emulate it if you can.

For me, tonight, I did the retail therapy thing. I found myself buying two articles of clothing, not only to realize when I got home, they were both floral patterned.

I started to reminisce about that final night in “Barthelona”. And now, I’m smiling.

Get yourself some happy — buy, and wear some floral:




Long Sleeve Short








And if you’re really feeling my look…

When life throws you lemons — buy a For Love and Lemons dress”! 🙂

// cb ✌🏼


  1. Shannon Barnes
    August 10, 2017 / 8:31 am

    Amazing about the concert at Casa batLLO, its still going on when we’re there, so will DEFINITELY check it out. looking amazing as ALWAYS!

    • August 10, 2017 / 9:34 am

      Thanks Barnsey!!! Yay I’m so excited for your trip! You guys will love the concert 🙂

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