The Want Edit No. 4 : The Skinny Scarf


As some of you may know, a couple of months ago I started a new series, The Want Edit. With the intention of curbing my appetite of impulse buying the things that catch my eye. How did it go?

For starters, March was an extremely long month. I kept very far away from Zara on my walks home from work, but I grew obsessed with sprucing up other areas of my life outside of my closet. I cheated. I upgraded my hair tools because of course my hair dryer broke, I purchased a few photography toys, and then sure enough on the final week I decided to “pop-in” to the Rack to kill some time before meeting some girlfriends for dinner, and I stumbled across a diamond. Post on this to follow, but I’ll drop you a hint: it’s a handbag, rhymes with “Zoey” and hung there on one lonely rack at 1/4 its original price. No control I tell you.

The intention of this exercise was to help me stop and take a minute before I throw my cash into something shiny, and in addition, to ensure I was shopping thoughtfully. I think in this case, I deserve an above average – as I’m not the excited owner of a very lovely new handbag that shines on my shelf.

Onto This Week’s Want Edit

Skinny Scarves… they’re like everywhere now! I must admit when I saw this look coming back in style over the Fall, I immediately thought Parisian meets flight attendant. Now that I see it styled in stores and on co-workers, I must say I truly love it. And what a perfect accessory this adds to any wardrobe this Spring.

I picked up “the perfect one” months ago, but sharing those that have been catching my eye since then.


Pro tip: wear on your neck during the day for a sophisticated look. Transition to your handbag as an accessory during the evening to show more skin.

What are your thoughts on the skinny scarf obsession?

// cb ✌🏻

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