The Want Edit No.3 : Embroidery


The embroidery trend started making its way back to fashion last Spring, in an attempt to pep up casual wear. This year, it’s still going strong, branching out of denim-only styles evolving into the most intricate and beautiful work like never before.

Ready-to-Wear Collections

When it comes to retail, designers are facing a predicament of whether they should give in or not. Designers usually house their products beautiful high-touch cathedrals, with small quantities of products made, keeping the desirability constant. Now, with more moving into ready-to-wear collections, the wall is slowly coming down. Designer products are more readily available to hungry consumers and essentially becoming retailers.

Blame the recent craze of high-low fashion and street style or just the growing over-saturated world of fashion — but ready-to-wear is here to stay for awhile. And I personally love it.

Looking at the recent Spring Collections that made their debut during various fashion weeks, you can see how embroidery has evolved:

Valentino‘s 2017 Ready-to-Wear Collection features prints and patterns based off the medieval “Garden of Earthly Delights”:

Alexander McQueen brought in the UK countryside with ribbons, sewn messages and asymmetric folds:

And of course Gucci stole the show with his “busy, rich, historically eclectic, printed, and embroidered collection:

Having seen this trend evolve over the last two years and making its way into Nordstrom and beyond, I can’t help but drool. I want the perfect piece… or maybe a top, jacket, jean and a pair of shoes ;). Including it in The Want Edit series until I decide where to even begin…

Your thoughts?

// cb ✌🏻



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