The Gift of Cromwell

fall-shoot-3644 fall-shoot-3645 fall-shoot-3655

fall-shoot-3674 fall-shoot-3702 fall-shoot-3706 fall-shoot-3725 fall-shoot-3727You just can’t go wrong with black on black. Confident, easy, classic. Pair it with a shoe that pops and you’re good.

Speaking of a shoe that pops, I LOVE these boots! Jeffrey Campbell always has just the right amount of edge. My sister in law had these on her Christmas List last year and we got them for her (she’s always ahead of the rest). This year they were still around and calling my name so I had to snag.

Good story around these boots too… Right after I bought them I went on a girls trip to Vancouver. We stayed in the cutest hotel and of course I brought one too many pairs of shoes. As we were rushing to pack up and head home Sunday, we got to the border and I realized I had LEFT my brand new, only worn once boots at the hotel room! I panicked, called the hotel and after weeks they claimed to not have them. Devastated, I went back to Nordstrom to chat with the shoe department reps to see if the Cromwell would be going on sale anytime soon. My guy grabbed his female colleague, they nodded their heads and agreed these popular shoes likely wouldn’t. I then told them the story of what happened and that I was going to have to buy a new pair—sucking it up and buying full price. They looked so sad and apologized for the unfortunate situation, I agreed.

Moments later they gathered around each other and then asked me if I was a size 7. I said yes. A new rep came out of the stock room with the boot in my size and said, “is this the one?”. I put the boot on, and they smiled at me and said,”they’re yours. We’re going to give you a new pair—for free. We feel really awful about what happened to you.”

Shocked, amazed, thrilled, touched—all the emotions in one. Nordstrom had come through and provided outstanding customer service yet again to one of its most loyal customers. I couldn’t believe it, and still can’t, and this is why I go there for almost everything.

Do you have any good Nordstrom customer service stories to share?

THE EDIT: Black V-Neck | Black Distressed Denim | Cutout Bootie | Handbag | Watch (similar) | Sunglasses | Choker

Photo cred: Dillon Gogarty

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  1. November 1, 2016 / 12:53 pm

    I agree, black on black with the right shoe or boot is always good. I also am a big fan of Nordstrom! They never cease to amaze me with their friendly, nice, caring employees that will run all over the store for you. They also call if there is something they think you will like and set aside time to meet with you. They’re the best!!!

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