Second Time for Wang

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I love the idea of a good find. There’s nothing better than that one visit to Nordstrom Rack where you see a pair of shoes on the shelf, look at the price, realize they’re either refurbished in perfect condition or over 50% off, grab them, and dash. I’ve had this feeling many times before and I know I’ll have it again. It just takes a little determination and being at the right place at the right time.

Which brings me to this amazing pair of heels. Over the few days I had of free time in New York, I managed to get in a shop sesh with my dear friend I met studying abroad in Australia in 2007 (yikes that sounds awful). She’s the most fashionable New Yorker I know and though I didn’t get a chance to shoot her amazing outfit for brunch, I did get to have one of these giddy moments with her.

Ever heard of 2nd Time Around? I hadn’t either. Another dear New Yorker friend mentioned we should go on our time shopping in Chelsea, and so we did. It’s a consignment shop which I’ve never really any had good luck with. We scanned the clothes and quickly went to the shoes, which slightly weirded me out at first. But then, sitting on the shelf were these funky, edgy and in perfect condition Alexander Wang sandals. The triangular block heel, sexy straps, and subtle pointed toe won me over. Not to mention the fact that I’ve yet to add A-Wang to my shoe collection… ;).

Originally $650, they were marked down to $220 with an additional 20% off sale. Chelsea consignment shop FTW! Shaina even scored a pair of booties from a brand she’d been eyeing for some time. The service was excellent and the girls helping us shared that they post new items to their instagram handles. Here’s the Chelsea shop’s and be sure to check out the rest. They will save and ship to you! What?! Rack hunting made easy for the designer seeking fashionista!

// cb ✌🏻

THE EDIT: Black Crop Top | Black Culottes | Handbag | Sandals | Watch | Sunglasses

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