My Heart Lies in San Francisco

TGE-SF-Black-Skort-StreetTGE-SF-Black-Skort-Street TGE-SF-Black-Skort-StreetTGE-SF-Black-Skort-StreetTGE-SF-Black-Skort-Street

San Francisco — a city that has so many tugs to my heart. This weekend Trevor flew me down to the city as he was there for work all week. We made a getaway out of it and as always, the city was good to us.

I first visited SF during high school with family when my aunts took me to tour college campuses. I was determined to go to school for interior design in Cali — my parents were moving me to Washington and I wanted nothing to do with the state. That didn’t work out very well but at least I got into a few schools and got to explore Cali for the first time.

Following college (in Washington), my visits to SF increased as the city always had the most fun events going on — from Bay to Breakers where we’d walk in costumes intoxicated for miles and miles… to Outside Lands where I’d tear up as I sang along to my fave groups Dave Matthews Band and Band of Horses… to Treasure Island Music Festival where this boy from Seattle ended up booking a last minute trip to the concert because he saw I was going on Facebook… where we started to fall in love while bouncing to Deadmau5’ “I Remember”.

It’s funny how things work out — as that boy swooped me off my feet is now my husband.

Trevor and I always talk about San Francisco as being such a big part of our lives for that obvious reason and for the fact that before we had met, we both had dreamed of living there for a few years. Though we never made the leap to do so, we now make it a point to go whenever we get the opportunity to. It’s such an easy flight and a different experience every time.

One of my favorite trips was when we decided to go for my 30th birthday weekend. We had learned Deadmau5 was playing at Treasure Island Music Festival (we hadn’t been to that festival since we met) and so we decided to pretend we were 24 again. It was amazing. We silent disco’d and bobbed around all day and night. A much different experience, but still was the most fun time. I left that trip with a full heart, more memories in one of my favorite cities and my first pair of Valentinos :).

Fast forward almost two years and our heart still flutters when we visit. Sharing a few photos from us strolling the streets on the first day of October. You’ll catch me smiling because I’m wearing black on black — and the bottoms are actually a skort! HA

Get The SF Street Look

What’s your favorite part about SF? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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