Manhattan Autumn Charm

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Just a handful of shots from the seventy degree weather days I experienced in Manhattan this last weekend. Also have been experimenting with an autumn haze filter I’ve created in Lightroom. Lots to learn about this tool…

I really had hoped to spend more time strolling the streets to take photos, but this one lunch break was all I could squeeze in. I grabbed lunch to go in Chelsea and then found a spot on the High Line to eat it. I love that park, and can’t wait for Seattle to soon have something similar.

While walking around the city, I couldn’t help but reflect on the week ahead and the election between two candidates who have made such an impact in New York. Now, the day is here and we’ll soon learn who will become the leader of our country for the next four years. I’m confident it will be a night where history is made yet again, and we’ll move forward together.

There’s always been a gap in our nation’s highest position.

Here’s to the very first ever female president. And here’s to putting a crack in that glass ceiling that will inspire the next generation to dream and believe like they never have before.

// cb ✌🏻

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