Introducing EOTW : Edit of the Week

I’ve been on a kick with publishing blog content lately. Fellow bloggers, I’m sure you can relate — there are ebbs and there are flows. Well my friends, this is a flow. With flows come new ideas and my latest idea is one I hope you can all benefit from.

Behind the Edit

When I was trying to land on a name for this blog last year, there were a few words I couldn’t get my mind off of. Edit happened to be one of them (so did grey obviously) and I was stuck on it for a number of reasons:

  • the definition: according to Webster, “edit” means to alter, adapt, or refine especially to bring about conformity to a standard or to suit a particular purpose. what a perfect word to describe style, am I right?
  • the context it has with style: we edit the way we dress, we edit our wardrobe over time and we edit our lifestyle on a daily basis. our entire life is one big edit, essentially.
  • its versatility for this blog: the edit can be the pieces I decide on for an outfit. it can be the items I’m wanting to add to my closet – enter the want edit. it can also mean a cut in cost on an item I’ve been drooling over – a damn good deal, or in this case a whole outfit made of deals!

Which leads me to a new series I’m pretty stoked on…

Introducing : Edit of the Week // EOTW

As I’ve mentioned in a recent post, I geek out over a good deal. Like freak out and have a very hard time quite frankly letting the deal sit without sharing to the world. I’m always on the hunt and because of this I have galleries that are constantly updated on the side of my blog:

Now I realize that’s a whole lotta action, so I’m making it easy for you. Each week, I’ll be putting together an edited outfit – the EOTW – which will be comprised of sale items or items under $100. One complete look that’s guaranteed style, quality and savings. Dig it?

The 1st EOTW: Vanilla Grunge

Luxe Satin Embroidered Bomber Jacket | ABS by Allen Schwartz  Original: $560 / Sale: $279

The eclectic bomber you need that screams prep, romance and edge all in one. Following the embroidery trend I recently touched on and offering that extra cool look. When I saw this I immediately was reminded of HappilyGrey, my idol. At 50% off, it’s the piece your missing for Spring. ABS is a luxury lifestyle brand that offers collections that cater to the modern woman always ahead of the trend. If you don’t buy this, I will.

Joni Released Hem Skinny Jeans | TOPSHOP – Original: $70

The perfect high-waisted, stretchy, skinny, slightly-distressed-on-the-bottom-for-edge pant. I bought these a few weeks ago and I can’t get enough of them. They suck you in, look great with crop tops and can be worn with jackets, heels, booties, you name it. Not on sale, but how can you beat that price?

Neil Studden Buckle Bootie | Matisse  Original: $199 / Sale: $119

All Winter long I was on the hunt for the perfect studded, buckle bootie. I wanted the Chloe Susannas more than anything but I settled on a pretty basic pair that are already falling apart. Then I started seeing amazing boots by this brand Matisse. Always offering styles that have a rugged and worn look – making each pair of boots unique. Drooling over this pair now on sale.

What do you think? Will you be coming back for next week’s? Gimme some feedback or love on the items below.

// cb✌🏻

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