How to Pack for a Much Needed Beach Vacay


Anyone out there feel like you could use some serious Vitamin D right now??

Chyeah. I feel you. We deal with some ish here in Seattle, let me tell you. But true Seattleites know how to power through the few months of gloom, and if you’re in a city that’s just straight up chilly right now, I know you’ll agree.

You take a vacay.

And not just any vacay, you take a beach vacay.

Hot sun, cool sand, waves crashing, drinks by the pool, r e l a x a t i o n, r-e j-u-v-e-n-a-t-i-o-n. Yup, that’s it.

TGE-Cabo-Beach-Vacation TGE-Cabo-Beach-Vacation TGE-Cabo-Beach-Vacation

Vacation — It’s Important.

We have jobs. We work hard. We earn money. We carry stress and put wear on our bodies.

Vacation is essential and a necessary reward for everyone.

Time off might be easy for you and if so — you’re very lucky (and picked the right profession or company). For others, PTO might be hard to earn, and I feel you. But be patient, be wise, and save up so you can take a trip that will truly be what you need in a month like this one.

#ProTip : hella cheap flights right now to Mexico! all inclusive craziness. I use Kayak, Hopper & Hitlist for flight tracking apps.

TGE-Cabo-Beach-Vacation TGE-Cabo-Beach-Vacation TGE-Cabo-Beach-Vacation TGE-Cabo-Beach-Vacation TGE-Cabo-Beach-Vacation

And Then There’s Packing the Perfect Essentials…

Girl, if you’re going to book a trip to an area with a beach, you’re going to want to pack right, pack light… and pack cute. You’ll be so high on life once you step off that plane and feel the sun on your face that you’re going to want to make sure you look and feel your best too!

#ProTip: drink a tonnn of water on the way to the airport, at the airport, on the plane. Just hydrate. You’ll be feeling fresh when you arrive. In addition, avoid salty foods in airport / on plane. This will help with avoiding any bloat pre-swim suit.

So I have to give my husband credit where credit is due — he told me to write this post as I was packing for our recent trip to Cabo. He laid out all of his things, got my approval, packed them up within 30 minutes, whereas I was just starting to make a note by day and activity on my phone of what outfits I needed to plan. He’s efficient. I am not. So when he suggested a how to on packing I laughed. But educating about the essentials you needed for vacation right now — I csndo ;).

I tend to spend weeks planning items that will fit into certain moments of my upcoming trip for bites of delight. It makes the trip that much more fun. For example, these Alice + Olivia Flatforms that I found for a steal of a deal online months ago — I’d finally get to wear and was SO excited. And my ultra favorite clutch ever — the Cult Gaia Ark — I just couldn’t wait to take out with me for a night on the town. Paired with this floral Parker maxi I’d scored ages ago from the Rack of course — feel good dress! 🙂

So you catch my drift? Pack things that are fitting to the location and will keep you feeling 100% during the days and nights throughout.

Not sure where to start? Here’s some assistance. And PS I want it all. In that marble suitcase. Or the black. Or maybe mix and match?! 😜

For Your Travel…

A Tote to Carry

For the Beach…

Sexy One Piece
Cute Cover Up
Breezy Pants

For the Day…

Casual Tops
Comfy Shorts
Easy Slides


For the Eve…

A Dress You Love
Comfy Heels


And Don’t Forget Accessories…!

Tassel Earrings


Okay, okay, you can go pack for your vacay now!

And if you want any advice on what to do and where to stay and what to drink in Cabo San Lucas… stay tuned for part II of this post :).

// cb ✌🏻

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