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When I accepted the offer with Nordstrom, I negotiated an extra week off between jobs since I had a trip planned and was really hoping for that extra time to spend regrouping. They were very gracious and I was so thankful.

It’s crazy to think, that most people jump from job to job, without taking any time to breathe in between. We get so caught up in the grind, that we forget how important it is to take time for ourselves — mind, body and soul, our family and our home.

During my official “week of me”, I told myself I’d get going on that to do list I create for myself that seems to never complete. Can you relate? That always growing list…

For me, it’s a growing note on my iPhone, which I love because I have access on all my Apple devices. Notes is probably my most used app. As much as I try to write things down on paper, I find myself always reverting back to the app.

Some of the items on my list included…

  • cleaning out my closet in prep for spring
  • going through every drawer
  • selling shoes and clothes on Poshmark
  • creating content for the blog
  • printing off photos for our walls
  • decorating various rooms in our home
  • organizing my inboxes and photo libraries

With the end of this week coming to a close, I’m thrilled to say I can put a check next to each item, which feels really good! And depart on a little trip back home to sweet Chicago (follow me on Insta)!

Reflecting a bit, I definitely learned a little more about myself, and that’s that 31 year old Cortney likes to create tasks and complete them. Create, do, repeat. Keeping busy is good I know, but at the end of the day I think I could do a better job of  r e l a x i n g  every now and then.

So I’ve added a new line item to my constant evolving to do list note: just be. 

This one I won’t cross off. We’ll see how it goes this year.

// cb ✌🏻

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