Faux Fur and New Year Goals

The Grey Edit-Faux Fur-Downtown Seattle-New Year's Eve

And just like that, it’s the last day of 2017. I’m shocked to say the least, but on this new year’s eve, I’m up early and taking some time to reflect.

The Year in Review

Trevor and I started a tradition several years ago where we go a date night before new year’s eve hits so we can cheers to the year we’ve had and set goals for the year ahead. What started off as a wine night with a pad of paper in our Downtown Loft has migrated to getting dressed up for a night out where we jot down a new note on our phones. It’s definitely something we look forward to.

Last night we decided to head to our favorite sushi place up the street from our lift that we’d frequent in our younger years. We talked about how since we met there’s been a big event each year. 2010 — the start of us, 2011 — the start of Trevor’s company. 2012 — our first apartment (the loft), 2013 — our first dog (smalls) and our engagement, 2014 — our wedding, 2015 — our honeymoon and our first home, 2016 — the start of my blog and a ton of travel, 2017 — my new job and our first remodel.


New Year Goals

After we cheers to all the accomplishments and moves we’ve had as a couple, we decide to write down goals to keep us motivated and ensure we’re always working towards our best selves.

I’m all about that. 

To put structure around setting goals, we map it out between the following categories:

  • goals together
  • self goals
  • goals around career
  • financial goals
  • goals around our relationship

In addition, we try to make sure the goals are SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely). I know, nerdy, but setting SMART goals vs something like “I’m going to work out more” make the goals a lot more actionable and easier to achieve. We tend to expand on our goals with SMART descriptions.

So I’m not going to bore you with the details as we have about 15 collectively but I’ll share a few as examples in the case you’re interested in doing the same. After all — 2018 is tomorrow!

Goal # 1 | Put my all into my brand — The Grey Edit

Create and follow a content calendar, get digitally organized (tagging, better management of photos), begin brand outreach (1x / month), connect with other bloggers over coffee (1x / month), attend events that will help expand my network and clout in the local community (1x / month) and grow my audience to 10K by mid year. This also plays into my photography goal which includes expanding my knowledge of editing by taking a Photoshop Class (I’m self taught in Lightroom and use this normally), upgrading my gear by getting 35mm and 24-70mm lenses (currently eyeing this and this eventually), practicing shooting weekly by going to explore outdoors or interesting spaces around Seattle and figuring out how to store my gear by getting a backpack (totally into this + this).

Goal # 2 | Integrate strength training into my morning workout routine

Over the last year I’m proud to say I’ve made myself into a morning person. I never was one before and often would stay up late on my computer, but now I think I’ve got it down. I wake up, workout in our gym, have my bulletproof coffee, listen to a podcast while I get ready and head out the door. This year, I want to up my workout game and ensure I’m not just doing cardio because it’s the easy go-to (having a Peloton is seriously lifechanging folks). Monday through Friday I’m going to alternate between cardio and strength training using either Kayla’s BBG PDF (which sooo works — lemme know if you want a copy) or attending a class with ClassPass. Pretty pumped to track results to hold myself accountable.

Goal # 3 | Getting control of the physical possessions in my life

Basically this goal is something I think about and try to perfect often as I wrote in this post. But now I’m simplifying with two rules to control my spending (and hoarding). I totally suggest you give it a try if you’re trying to purge some things as I am right now.

  • Rule #1 — will you be or are you proud when you wear or use it? (Y/N)
  • Rule # 2 — have you worn it or used it in the last year? (Y/N)

One yes to Rule #1 = buy. Two yes’s to Rule # 1 & 2 = keep. You know what to do when you get No’s.


I could go on and on about our goals around more travel, health and wellness and finance but I’ll spare you because I’m dying to talk about the best accessory to rock this New Year’s Eve…

The Grey Edit-Faux Fur-Downtown Seattle-New Year's EveThe Grey Edit-Faux Fur-Downtown Seattle-New Year's Eve

Faux Fur Jacket for NYE

Ladies, faux fur is back and here to stay going into the new year. In fact, trend reports are saying things are about to get a little more funky — aka the more hairy the better!

To end this year with a bang and start the new year off right, I highly suggest you jump on the bandwagon and get yourself a faux fur jacket.

Why? Well number one… it’s not real fur! Hello! It’s about to be 2018 people. And number two… you’ll feel like a badass. Be proud. Make the haters head’s turn.

Below are my favorites available now ranging in price, color, hair and length.

Get going with your bad self & rock that faux fur proud!

The Grey Edit-Faux Fur-Downtown Seattle-New Year's EveThe Grey Edit-Faux Fur-Downtown Seattle-New Year's Eve


Faux like the Snow

Under $150
Above $150

Neutral Faux

Under $150
Above $150

Faux with Print

Under $150
Above $150

Pop of Color Faux

Under $150
Above $150

The Grey Edit-Faux Fur-Downtown Seattle-New Year's Eve


photos : karya schanilec

// cb ✌🏻

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