Desperately Seeking Spring

TGE-tibi-dress-leather-jacket TGE-tibi-dress-leather-jacket TGE-tibi-dress-leather-jacket TGE-tibi-dress-leather-jacket TGE-tibi-dress-leather-jacket TGE-tibi-dress-leather-jacket TGE-tibi-dress-leather-jacketDear Spring, I realize we’re in your season now but coming from a Seattle girl who got really excited over Daylight Savings Time being near, I’m a little disappointed. I’ve been seeking out the sun desperately and you’ve been showering us with hate… literally.

I know it’s such a default thing to talk about living here, but I totally get hit with the sad feels during our dark, grey months. I try to stay positive knowing that once we get through the hard part of the year, the city will be alive again with vibrant energy, but it’s extremely difficult. Especially when we do get that extra hour of daylight but the yards are still muddy and the umbrellas still join your daily commute to work.

Here Come the Dresses

So what can one do? I’ve been falling in love with more dresses than normal to help cope with the gloom and despite the not so sunny weather, have been rocking them with jackets. Rain? No problem, I just avoid suede on my feet and pack my bubble umbrella. Cold? No problem, I add on a heavier coat and wear tights (maybe).

I. am. ready. for. spring.

Romance Undone

The outfit above came together last month during the month of love. Coming from a gal who tends to avoid color, I sought out the most flirty and romantic dress I could find in blush (Tibi on sale for $80 at Nordstrom Rack!) and paired it with my favorite color black — obvs. Without realizing it, I was preemptively prepping for the next new trend promoted by Nordstrom a month early. Employer that’s meant to be? I think so ;).

The idea of mixing pretty details with a hardworking style. Mixing a ruffled skirt with a messenger bag and a utility jacket. Floral prints, pastels and delicate details to balance out an everyday silhouette. I love this style because of it’s subtle girliness and I’m pretty excited to create more looks!

Nordstrom Romance UndoneHow will you undo romance with your wardrobe?

// cb ✌🏻

Spring ’17 designer collections have landed at NORDSTROM. Free shipping and returns.

photos : Jenna Lynn Photography

THE EDIT: Blush Ruffled Dress | Ankle Strap Shoes | Draped Leather Jacket | Fendi Shopper | Blush Polish



  1. Mary jo mayes
    March 17, 2017 / 10:51 am

    I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, rocking the most current trend about to happen! Its a great outfit and looks wonderful on you!

  2. InventingthEhawk
    March 21, 2017 / 6:20 pm


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