Desert Sun and White After Labor Day

The warm desert sun is something I’ve really never experienced before until our recent adventure around the Southwest.

We were exploring outdoors for the duration of our days, and the feeling of being out in such a unique and beautiful environment is a something I’m planning to hold on to as the seasons change and the air turns cool…

The rays peaking out at dawn…

TGE-Utah-Canyon-Desert-Shoot TGE-Utah-Canyon-Desert-Shoot

The breeze passing above the clay and over the bushes…

TGE-Utah-Canyon-Desert-Shoot TGE-Utah-Canyon-Desert-Shoot TGE-Utah-Canyon-Desert-Shoot

The red mountains that carry changing shadows that make up the most picturesque landscape…

It was unreal and I can’t wait to go back.

TGE-Utah-Canyon-Desert-Shoot TGE-Utah-Canyon-Desert-Shoot


This twenty minute shoot in the desert will always remind me of the feelings I experienced in the Southwest. I swapped my hiking clothes for a single dress and am obsessed with the contrast it provided. Soft white against multifaceted color, delicate lace against rugged terrain.

As you probably know, white dresses have been an obsession of mine this summer. What better outfit to dance away the season in — and what better statement to show that it’s more than okay to break the “fashion rules”.

The No White After Labor Day Rule

Naturally it’s logical to associate wearing white in the summer due to it’s ability to keep you cooler in hotter temperatures compared to other darker colors. But where did this silly fashion rule come from anyway?

Apparently some upper class snobs during the post-Civil War era were obsessed with finding ways to reinforce their level of stature amongst society due to money, believing that when you had money, you should dress a certain way.

Ahem, resort-wear. 

Fast-forward to the 1950’s and women’s magazines were publishing left and right that the standard rule for America’s middle class to follow was to take white out on Memorial Day and put away white on Labor Day. 

For real?


Why You Should Ignore the Rule and Rock It

Two words: Coco. Chanel.

The beloved french designer never agreed. In fact, she rocked all-white suits year round in the 1920s. Need I say more?

You and I must not listen to the snoots of our past. We must embrace the boss ladies who challenged the status quo.


Shop White for Fall

Don’t be shy. Top, bottom, or from top to bottom — wear white after Labor Day.


Shop White Tops


Shop White Bottoms


Shop White Tops to Bottoms


Then… rock it in the sun.

TGE-Utah-Canyon-Desert-Shoot TGE-Utah-Canyon-Desert-Shoot

// cb ✌🏼

photos by my loving husband who drove us out to the middle of nowhere for this shoot. 

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