Bainbridge Island Day Trip

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When you get a sunny day in the fall, you get ready for the day and head outside. There’s nothing more invigorating to me than fresh air. I crave it. And there’s something about the crisp breeze mixed with the sun hitting your skin that just makes me cheese.

I have two younger brothers – Dillon and Donny. Dillon is the older of the two – a recent architectural grad who managed to snag a masters at my alma mater, Washington State University. He’s working at a firm in the city now and does photography and graphic design on the side. You’ll be seeing him credited for photos from time to time. And Donny is the younger – a junior at the University of Washington studying design and enjoying his first year living in a house with friends. As I got to enjoy my high school years back in Chicago, they did so out here in Washington, in the small town my parents decided to move to. I always hope they’d live in Seattle as they grew up. Now they’re here and I feel pretty lucky. As my dad would say, there’s nothing more important than family.

Since we all share a love for photography, we decided to take advantage of the day as siblings and head over to Bainbridge Island – a twenty minute ferry across from downtown.  We played around on our camera, had wine at lunch and got to spend time together. The ride back on the ferry as the sun was setting was incredible. I’ve never seen Mt. Rainier look more gorgeous through my lens.

I can’t wait for the next adventure with the bros. They really bring out the Gogarty in me ;).

// cb✌🏻

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