5 Reasons Why You Need Culottes

Culottes. Hmm.

Pronounced “coo-lots” and by definition are women’s wide and short pants that are made to look like a skirt. Hmm.

I remember my mom talking about how cool they were when I was little. I’d roll my eyes as she’d reminisce in her glory days of hanging out in the high school parking lot with all of the boys. Sure your high waisted pants were the “it pants” when you were young mom… (as I’d stand rebellious in my extra low-rise jeans). Oh the way fashion cycles.

But ma, I gotta give it to you. You were right. These so called pants-that-look-like-a-skirt, are pretty damn cool.

TGE-Olive-Culottes-OTS-Top TGE-Olive-Culottes-OTS-TopIt’s hard not to be resistant though. I mean, when you see them on a hanger (or read the definition), it’s just not an article of clothing that pops as “every-day wear” or “sexy”. Balloony… Wide… Loose… Confusing... all natural words that come to mind. But hell, it’s fun trying a new trend.


TGE-Olive-Culottes-OTS-TopNow that I think about it, this whole culotte obsession didn’t just happen… I mean, HELLO, who remembers gaucho pants?!?! Those pants that looked like they “gotch-yo ass” (a joke a guy in college used to make, haha). I remember when they graduated to the somewhat not-so-wide culotte post college. I definitely would rock those on the sales floor at Nordstrom during my time in BP. And even recently this last Fall, I gave it a go.

TGE-Olive-Culottes-OTS-Top TGE-Olive-Culottes-OTS-TopSo here we are, a good 10-ish years later, and we’re back with a new update to this piece of fashion. I think it’s time to embrace.

Now before you poo poo this idea forever because you think you’d look awful in them, just hold it one minute. They actually can do a lot for a silhouette — for bodies of all types. To help convince, here are some points to noodle on next time you’re at Zara passing a shiny new pair for the low price of $49.95.

5 Reasons You Need Culottes

#1 | One word… waistline. 

They may be wide-legged but boy do they cinch at your middle. No need to have a teeny waistline for this pair of pants – they simply create one. Especially the versions with ties – as the ones I’m wearing. Swoon.

#2 | The feeling of comfort.

When you wear your first pair of culottes out in public, a lot of thoughts might go through your mind… “am I wearing sweatpants?” “woo, it’s a little breezy up the pant-leg!” “damn, my butt probably looks pretty good”. Girl – they’re all true. Cozy AF and so good dressed up or dress down. Own the look.

#3 | Those ankles though. 

Women are self-conscious of so many things. Hell, actually everything. Ankles are definitely one of the many. For those of you who fall into this bucket — try out a pair of culottes, like right meow! The shorter crop and wide volume bare those ankles and actually shrink them to the eye. You’ll feel hot hot hot when you pair them with a pair of heels or strappy sandals. Get it girl.

#4 | Shoes on Shoes. 

For real though, culottes can be worn with almost any shoe style. Not only heels in the form of a pump or strappy sandal, but wedges, lifted mules, block heel. And then flats? Don’t think you’ll look like a frump, because those ankles will look oh-so-cute in backless loafers, white sneakers, slides… you name it. Booties?Chyeah! Possibilities are endless. Get creative.

#5 | Miss new booty. 

Since in reality, this is somewhat of a graduated gaucho, these pants will grab your ass. And that’s okay. It’s not too much. In fact, it’s the perfect amount. You know when you wear skinny white denim, which happens to be a little tight in the rear so you feel the need to cover? Not with these. The wideness and loose look of the pant everywhere else, makes it completely necessary for that toosh to be accentuated in the best way. Pop it. ;).

TGE-Olive-Culottes-OTS-Top TGE-Olive-Culottes-OTS-Top

So Which Pair Will You Try?

Dropping my fave options for you below:

Black, obvi. 




Jumpsuit – an elevated approach!

Share your culotte stories below — please!

// cb ✌🏻

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